100% circular

Métisse® insulation is produced from discarded textiles. Because of the recycled clothes, it is good for the environment (Planet), the clothing collection and sorting is done by people with a disadvantage to the job market (People), and by applying the insulation the energy bill is reduced (Profit) and the circle in complete!

Great thermal properties

Cotton has very good insulation properties by nature. That’s why we wear a lot of cotton clothes to keep us warm in the winter and keep us cool in the summer. Métisse® has a high heat storage capacity. It takes 6-8 hour for the heat to penetrate through the material.

Flexible, but shape-retaining and strong

Installation is simple and pleasant: Métisse® behaves like a classic insulation material. The flexibility and resilience guarantee a quick and easy installation. If the insulation becomes slightly pressed during storage or processing, this is not a problem. After one hour it has returned to its original thickness.

Made fire retardant

Métisse® is made fire-retardant at fibre level. All the fibers are impregnated with mineral salts (without boron salts) to make the insulation fire-retardant. In addition, there are no burning droplets and little smoke will be released. The treatment prevents vermin and prevents mold formation.

Excellent acoustic properties

The composition and structure of Métisse® insulation (long cotton fibers) guarantee an excellent acoustic performance. The sound absorption is very high and has many applications. Acoustic test reports are available on request.

No irritation

The insulation can be processed without irritation, no mask is needed. In addition the little substances which are released during the process are non-harmful.

Vapor regulating due to the natural fibres

It regulates the relative humidity in your home. Métisse® is vapour-permeable, which means it is not necessary to use a vapor barrier film. Because the insulation is made of natural materials, it can absorb moisture and gradually repel it. As a result, Métisse® contributes to a healthier climate within the building.

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