Circular cotton insulation

Métisse® is thé circular insulation of the future. The insulation is made out of the waste of old clothes which would have been burned before. Métisse® is an insulation material which makes it possible to build on a biobased way with recycled cotton. It is one of the few building materials that consists of recycled materials. In addition to the high insulation value of Métisse®, it has developed a leading position in acoustic insulation. This is because of the ability to absorb sound excellently.


Circular cotton insulation

Many projects has been done with Métisse® insulation. All of which contribute to the reducing pile of waste of the textile industry. At several big projects the end users has actively contribute to the collection of jeans or other suitable clothing. This has been incorporated into the insulation by VRK Isolatie & Akoestiek. Many buildings now have thermal and acoustic comfort from the clothes of their users.

Estimated recycled jeans

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