Sound absorption

Métisse® insulation is the basis of our acoustic solutions to reduce resonance. Do you want to know more about our acoustic products, please visit our website VRK Akoestiek.

What is good acoustics?

Good acoustics ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable in a room. Bad acoustics causes stress and is bad for your health. It depends on various factors what would be good or bad acoustics. The function of the room is important. A room where music is made needs very different acoustics than for example a room where a presentation is given. Different standards apply to a sports hall than to a classroom. There are many factors that play a role in determining the right acoustics. 

What can we do for you?

Because every situation is unique and because everyone has their own preferences, we are happy to come to your location without obligation. We can measure the room, view the construction and interieur and listen to your wishes. There are many possibilities to achieve a good result. Together we can find a solution suitable for you that fits your wishes and fits the function of the room. Based on this we can prepare an offer without obligation.

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